About the Program

As one of the world’s largest food companies, Mars has a significant opportunity to affect the industry as a whole by applying sustainable practices to secure quality raw materials and operate more efficiently.

Mars is proud to be working alongside many others in the sector to help change the future of cocoa farmers.  For more than a decade we’ve worked with partners across geographies and industries to professionalize and intensify the agricultural practices that are the foundation of a well run, high-yield and profitable cocoa farm. By enabling farmers to create sustainable businesses, we believe we can ensure the future of cocoa while increasing incomes and securing livelihoods for tomorrow’s cocoa farmers.

Mars has made a simple but bold pledge to use only certified, sustainable cocoa in all of our products by 2020.  To achieve this goal, we have taken lessons learned from programs like those in West Africa and redoubled our investment in programs around the world that foster innovation in agricultural science; transfer key technologies to farmers and enable effective collaboration between them and manufacturers, governments and NGOs.

This site is paid for and administered by Mars Inc. as part of its sustainability programs but is open to all interested contributors. It exists apart from Mars.com to create a direct connection between our work with cocoa bean farmers and those that are interested.  As our team members visit Asia, Africa and South America and interact with people and organizations of all kinds within the cocoa and chocolate industry, we’ll post updates on our activities, photos and videos and pointers to interesting things happening around us.

You can find out more about Mars’ cocoa sustainability programs at www.mars.com/cocoasustainability.