Hussin Purung

Hussin Purung is in the Cocoa Sustainability Field Manager of Mars Chocolate, for the Asia Pacific region. In his 20 years with Mars, Purung has become an expert in best cocoa farm management practices, selections for superior cocoa clones (including participatory variety selection (PVS) and clonal trials controlling pests and diseases (IPM)) and he has also developed a package for rehabilitation of old cocoa plantations. For efficient transfer of this technology and proper methodology for effective implementation by farmers, Purung has also developed the concept of Mars Cocoa Development Centers (CDCs) and Cocoa Village Centers (CVCs). Purung’s crucial activities include providing assistance to local governments, non-governmental organizations, schools; local associations and collaboration with local and international research institutions on cocoa projects; and field projects, such as technology transfer and technology development in Indonesia, the Philippines and Cote d’Ivoire.