Juan Carlos Motamayor

Dr. Motamayor is a Tropical Agronomist originally from Venezuela. Dr. Motamayor obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Paris XI and has worked for 20 years in cacao genetics and agronomy. Dr. Motamayor is the leader of an international cacao genetics and genomics program, in cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture. Dr. Motamayor in his role of Global Program Manager also leads the agronomic scientific research at MARS, Incorporated. Dr. Motamayor has published dozens of scientific papers and his research has led to new approaches for cacao germplasm management and breeding. Dr. Motamayor has also worked with governments from many countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia, NGOs and private companies to improve the livelihood of cacao farmers through the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural systems.