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A Visit to Petit Bondoukou

We recently returned from a visit to the village of Petit Bondoukou in Côte d’Ivoire, where the program is already reaching that community.  Below are a few pictures from that trip, where we visited a school and met with Joel Yao, an operator of one of the newly-opened Cocoa Village Centers (CVCs) that are so critical to our efforts there.  You’ll be hearing more

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Monitoring & Evaluation: A New Frontier in Cocoa Sustainability

We want to make sure the work we are doing is having its intended outcomes of tripling farmer productivity in thriving cocoa communities so that we can do our part to contribute to a long-lasting, positive impact in cocoa communities; that is where monitoring and evaluation becomes an important part of the work we do.

It’s easy to talk about the long term impact

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Chicago Fair Trade 2013 Members Kick Off Meeting

On February 11th, Chicago Fair Trade held its 2013 members kickoff meeting and fostered meaningful dialogue surrounding the progress being made with sustainability initiatives in the United States and abroad. Chicago Fair Trade supports events throughout the year to bring individuals together to learn about where products come from and how they can support the development of a more sustainable economy, especially

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For the Love of Chocolate

As our contingency of Dutch, Ivorian, and Americans waited to see the Ashanti King, drums pounded and bright colors flashed, and delegations passed by to pay their respects to the king.  We were on a mission to create a film called “For the  Love of Chocolate.” But not just a love of that creamy, sweet chocolate bar that we’re all familiar with in western

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek Looks at a Day in the Life of a Cocoa Sustainability Manager

As part of a series highlighting popular post-MBA jobs, I had the privilege to share some of the great work Mars Chocolate is doing with a piece focusing on a day in my life as Cocoa Sustainability Manager. The article in Bloomberg Businessweek is a great way for people to get a closer look at what goes into producing and nurturing sustainable cocoa practices.

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Sustainable Food Lab Leadership Summit

Over 100 sustainable food and agriculture leaders from industry, civil society, and government came together for the Sustainable Food Lab (SFL) annual meeting (link: in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic from April 29th – May 3rd, 2012. Meeting themes strongly centered on cocoa, on impact, and on bringing the work to scale. Mars is on the advisory board of the SFL and my colleagues

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A Commitment to the Future of Indonesian Cocoa






Bright waves of orange and black broke the green landscape on this sunny day in Tani Madiri Village.  I had arrived just in time for the ceremony and celebration called “Commitment for the Future,” and had a front row seat.  Eight teens – four gals and four guys – were performing at traditional harvest dance as the community was

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