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Cocoa Soils and Fertilizer Workshop

Every now and then in cocoa sustainability work it’s very useful to take stock of where we are on a particular topic, share ideas and put experts together.  At the end of last year we did this for the areas of cocoa soils and use of fertilizer in cocoa production. We started work on our Vision For Change program in Ivory Coast and have

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Champion Ghanaian Farmer visits M&M’S World London


When the London M&MS® World store hosted a champion Ghanaian cocoa farmer, both ends of the supply chain met for a successful connection.

Samuel Awuni stood in the middle of London’s M&M’S® World store—nearly 4,200 miles from the fields of his Ghana cocoa farm—in complete awe.  Surrounded by shoppers reveling in five stories of brightly colored candies and merchandise, Samuel had

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CacaoNet meeting on cocoa genetic resources

Cocoa genetic resources are kind of taken for granted in the cocoa world. Genetic resources include the wild, uncultivated, and uncollected varieties of cocoa still growing in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins, the original home of cocoa as well as the large collections of cocoa varieties which have been collected and are maintained in Trinidad (ICG,T) and Costa Rica (CATIE). These relatively uncharacterised

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Cocoa Fermentation II

Cocoa (Cacao) fermentation is critical to develop the precursors for cocoa flavour, brought out when the beans are roasted. Duing the process, there is lots of microbial activity, the pulp surrounding the beans drains away, acid is generated, the fermentation heap gets warm and the cocoa beans begin to germinate but are stopped by the acidity and heat. Fermented beans are no longer viable

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Cocoa Research at the University of Reading

This is a copy of the leaflet handed out at the Chelsea Flower Show, from the University of Reading’s award winning exhibition on cocoa. Its a summary of the research supported by Mars and others at Reading on germplasm movement, climate change effects, physiology and managing pests and diseases.

Chelsea Reading leaflet

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Partnership to Save Cocoa and Help Farmers

Back in 2008, Mars announced plans to “unlock” the cacao genome to better understand the plant, improve its quality, and bolster its production. Mars and its partners – USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and IBM – said it wouldn’t be done until 2012. Well, three years early, help is on the way for 6.5 million cocoa farmers and the 40-50 million people who rely

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