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Part II: Getting fertilizer to farmers!

Part II

It’s been an unusual task for a chocolate company to help develop a new formulation fertilizer and engage with fertilizer and financial institutes for the production, import and credit mechanisms for the sale of high quality fertilizer. And we still have a long way to go before we will habitually replenish the nutrients we export as cocoa beans from cocoa plantations. But the … Read more

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Part 1: Getting Fertilizer to Farmers

Part 1

The need for fertilizers

For many years, we have known that soil fertility and fertilizer are necessary to cultivate cocoa farms for high yield and long term farm viability and sustainability. And when in 2010, we developed the “package of interventions” for farmers that will turn cocoa farms from places that are low income with no future to thriving and sustainable farming systems, … Read more

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Woman Cocoa Farmer Empowered From Industry Collaboration


In the farmers’ eyes, a beautiful cocoa tree is the one with high yield. The lady in the picture who is happily harvesting her beautiful cocoa tree, her name is Astuty. With over 13-year experience of growing cacao, she carefully takes care of her cocoa farm of 2 hectors. But back to 3 years ago, those cocoa trees caused her sleepless nights.

3 years ago, … Read more

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Mars Chocolate and Oxfam America Agree to Intentional Approach to Empower Women in Cocoa Growing Communities

Mars Chocolate strongly believes that empowering women is critical to making sure that cocoa is sustainable. In our Vision for Change program in Cote d’Ivoire, we’ve worked with women who are leaders in their communities to help develop plans that will improve their lives and the lives of their families and neighbors.

So we are pleased to announce an agreement we’ve reached with Oxfam America … Read more

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Indonesia: A chance for chocolate

Since 2011, Mars Chocolate has partnered with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations, and the government of Indonesia to develop the Cocoa Development Center model in Sulawesi.  IFAD has recently developed a video on our efforts here, and they’ve released a special version just in time for Easter.

In the IFAD video, you’ll meet Ahmad Darise, a … Read more

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Rabobank References Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in New Report on Supply Chains

Rabobank – one of the world’s leading sustainable financial institutions, based in the Netherlands – recently published a research report (see a summary at The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch), which identified the flaws in the food and agriculture supply chains, and some recommendations to make the supply chain more effective and sustainable. Currently, companies operate with a linear supply chain, which makes it … Read more

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Mars Video Vignette: A Day on the Farm in Soubré, Côte d’Ivoire

What does a day on the farm look like for Mars cocoa workers in Soubré, Côte d’Ivoire? In this video vignette, M. Diomandé Yacouba directly shares his experiences as a farmer in the Koda Village, giving us an inside look at his daily life after working on the plantation for 15 years. You will hear him describe his daily routine on the farm and how … Read more

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The Role of Women in Making Cocoa Sustainable

We appreciate the recent attention that Oxfam International is giving towards cocoa farmers and the communities they live in.  As we are working comprehensively to help farmers and their families achieve better wages and more opportunities, we welcome the consideration from organizations also interested in the welfare of farmers and their communities.  We are looking forward to strengthening our approach involving women in the community … Read more

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Chicago Fair Trade 2013 Members Kick Off Meeting

Shayna Harris - Chicago FairTrade 2

On February 11th, Chicago Fair Trade held its 2013 members kickoff meeting and fostered meaningful dialogue surrounding the progress being made with sustainability initiatives in the United States and abroad. Chicago Fair Trade supports events throughout the year to bring individuals together to learn about where products come from and how they can support the development of a more sustainable economy, especially through … Read more

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek Looks at the Sector’s Cocoa Sustainability Initiatives

Happy Valentine’s Day!  And in anticipation of our annual celebration of love and chocolate, Bloomberg BusinessWeek looked at the role that cocoa sustainability is playing in the sector.  The article focuses on the challenges that cocoa farmers are facing in producing enough yields to make their farms profitable and how that is impacting the willingness of the next generation to remain a part of their … Read more

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