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Vision For Change Tackles Cocoa Bean Quality

The Mars/ICRAF Vision For Change project aims to achieve several important goals when it comes to sustainable cocoa.  We are working to not only revitalize cocoa farms around Soubré and across Côte d’Ivoire to enable higher yields, but we’re also working to improve the quality of cocoa being produced.

It’s not enough to simply produce more cocoa – it has to be of a

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Woman Cocoa Farmer Empowered From Industry Collaboration

In the farmers’ eyes, a beautiful cocoa tree is the one with high yield. The lady in the picture who is happily harvesting her beautiful cocoa tree, her name is Astuty. With over 13-year experience of growing cacao, she carefully takes care of her cocoa farm of 2 hectors. But back to 3 years ago, those cocoa trees caused her sleepless nights.

3 years

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For the Love of Chocolate

As our contingency of Dutch, Ivorian, and Americans waited to see the Ashanti King, drums pounded and bright colors flashed, and delegations passed by to pay their respects to the king.  We were on a mission to create a film called “For the  Love of Chocolate.” But not just a love of that creamy, sweet chocolate bar that we’re all familiar with in western

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Securing chocolate, securing livelihoods

We have a special guest blog post by Ermias Betemariam, Land Health Scientist from the World Agroforesty Centre (ICRAF), who recently returned from Cote d’Ivoire.

I recently returned from a work trip to Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s largest cocoa producer. Part of my time there was spent visiting with smallholder cocoa farmers involved in the Vision for Change: Sustainable Cocoa Communities project.

The project—a

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The Hershey Company Pledges to Source 100% Certified Sustainable Cocoa

Congratulations to The Hershey Company, which announced this week it too will source 100 percent certified cocoa for its global chocolate product lines by 2020. It is gratifying to see more and more stakeholders recognizing the importance of certification to creating a sustainable future for chocolate. The more commitments from companies like Mars Chocolate and Hershey, among others to adopt certification protocols, the

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Meet the Cocoa Farmers of Petit Bondoukou, Côte d’Ivoire

The most effective way to raise productivity on farms is to show best practice in action and to give farmers the skills and tools they need to apply it on their own farms.  In Petit Bondoukou, Mars Chocolate is beginning to do just that by implementing a Cocoa Development Center.

Scroll through these photos to see some snapshots of daily life in the community

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Visits from Pacific region to the Mars Cocoa Development Center in Sulawesi to learn about sustainable cocoa farming techniques

Making the cocoa business sustainable means more than just coming up with the right farming techniques; it also means teaching those techniques to farmers and suppliers up and down the supply chain. Agricultural innovations are useless if businesses don’t know how to implement them.

In Sulawesi we’ve been very busy teaching cocoa agronomists and suppliers from around the world about our methods of cocoa

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New Fertilizer Blend Arrives in the Famous Cocoa Belt of Soubre

Cocoa producing regions throughout Côte d’Ivoire are battling declining yields and increased tree mortality, but affordable fertilizer production and distribution is one of the most effective tools to help reverse this trend.  And we’re excited to announce that the first shipment of a new fertilizer blend recently arrived in the famous cocoa belt of Soubre, a region where local farmers have been struggling to

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Shared Value in Côte D’Ivoire: Creating a Vibrant Cocoa Sector

A few years ago, Mars was faced with the idea that we needed another Côte d’Ivoire to produce enough cocoa to meet the world’s growing chocolate demand by 2020. Given that cocoa was becoming a less attractive crop for farmers, and that Côte d’Ivoire was in a cycle of decline, we knew we needed a strategy for cocoa sustainability. As a company that’s always

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek Looks at a Day in the Life of a Cocoa Sustainability Manager

As part of a series highlighting popular post-MBA jobs, I had the privilege to share some of the great work Mars Chocolate is doing with a piece focusing on a day in my life as Cocoa Sustainability Manager. The article in Bloomberg Businessweek is a great way for people to get a closer look at what goes into producing and nurturing sustainable cocoa practices.

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