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Virginia Business Magazine Profiles the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative

This month, Virginia Business Magazine took an in-depth look at the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative, and why the efforts being made across the industry to secure the future of cocoa are so important.  The article quotes Alex Morgan, senior manager of sustainable agriculture for the Rainforest Alliance:, “Mars’ initial commitment five years ago certainly changed the dynamic in the industry…  Prior to that, it was

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Introducing new member to the sustainability communications team – Christopher Davault

Happy Valentine’s Day to cocoa lovers everywhere!

Pic Chris Davault

Chris Davault, Global Manager for Cocoa Sustainability and Leadership Communications

As a newer member of the cocoa sustainability team handling communications, I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Christopher Davault, and I am the Global Manager for Cocoa Sustainability and Leadership Communications at Mars Global Chocolate. I lead both internal and external global communication initiatives for

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Rabobank References Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in New Report on Supply Chains

Rabobank – one of the world’s leading sustainable financial institutions, based in the Netherlands – recently published a research report (see a summary at The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch), which identified the flaws in the food and agriculture supply chains, and some recommendations to make the supply chain more effective and sustainable. Currently, companies operate with a linear supply chain, which makes

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Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post

What kind of news brings together the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post?  Our announcement last week that the sector will need to invest in billions of dollars to make it sustainable was featured in both media outlets.  On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal (available here at NASDAQ’s web site) ran a story on the efforts by both Mars Chocolate and The Hershey

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Creating a sustainable cocoa industry for farmers will require billions in investments

Today, Mars Inc. released its 2nd annual Principles in Action summary, which details the company’s approach to business and Mar’s commitment to put its Five Principles into action.  As part of the summary, we are highlighting our Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.

As readers of this blog know, creating a sustainable cocoa sector that can meet the chocolate industry’s long-term demand for cocoa, the

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Mars Talks About Putting Farmers First at Chocovision 2012

I’ve just returned from Davos, Switzerland, where I presented at the Chocovision 2012 conference.  The conference brings together senior business leaders and key stakeholders in the cocoa and chocolate industry to discuss the future of the sector.  The theme for the event was “Balance the Challenge – From cocoa to chocolate – strategy, sustainability and success,” a topic about which we at Mars Chocolate

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