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Chicago Fair Trade 2013 Members Kick Off Meeting

On February 11th, Chicago Fair Trade held its 2013 members kickoff meeting and fostered meaningful dialogue surrounding the progress being made with sustainability initiatives in the United States and abroad. Chicago Fair Trade supports events throughout the year to bring individuals together to learn about where products come from and how they can support the development of a more sustainable economy, especially

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Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post

What kind of news brings together the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post?  Our announcement last week that the sector will need to invest in billions of dollars to make it sustainable was featured in both media outlets.  On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal (available here at NASDAQ’s web site) ran a story on the efforts by both Mars Chocolate and The Hershey

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Creating a sustainable cocoa industry for farmers will require billions in investments

Today, Mars Inc. released its 2nd annual Principles in Action summary, which details the company’s approach to business and Mar’s commitment to put its Five Principles into action.  As part of the summary, we are highlighting our Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.

As readers of this blog know, creating a sustainable cocoa sector that can meet the chocolate industry’s long-term demand for cocoa, the

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Mars Chocolate’s Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in NCA Journal

Take a few minutes to read this month’s issue of NCA Journal for a piece regarding our Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.  The magazine interviewed Andrew Harner for a comprehensive article on the work we are doing in cocoa sustainability, with a special focus on the Vision for Change program in Côte d’Ivoire.  It was gratifying to discuss with them the importance of the Cocoa Development

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NJBiz sits down with Mars Global Chocolate President Grant Reid

Grant Reid talked with last week with NJBiz reporter Melinda Caliendo about Mars’s vision to purchase all our cocoa from sustainable sources by 2020. Mars Global Chocolate is headquartered in NJ, and it’s great news for the cocoa industry that the New Jersey business community is taking notice of our sustainability efforts.

Melinda’s piece, which you can access here, goes into some detail

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Mars Chocolate Announces Fairtrade International Agreement

The following post is authored by Alastair Child, Mars Global Chocolate Cocoa Sustainability Director.

Today’s announcement of Mars Chocolate’s first Fairtrade product marks an important milestone in our mission to deliver better tools and opportunities to farmers so they can grow more productive crops and build vibrant, sustainable livelihoods.

More than two years in the making, our agreement with Fairtrade International is part of

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