Mondelez International Makes Significant Commitment to Cocoa Sustainability

Last week while at the World Cocoa Conference in Abidjan, we were pleased to hear that Mondelez International will be committing US $400 million to cocoa sustainability over the next 10 years, of which US $100 million will be invested in Côte d’Ivoire.

After hearing Tim Cofer’s remarks at the conference as well, we welcome this move, as it will take everyone in the industry doing their part to make a real difference in the lives of a significant number of farmers and their families.  While we’re eagerly awaiting more details of how Mondelez will invest this money, we’re confident that we can work alongside each other as peers to make sure that the industry as a whole is coordinating effectively to produce the greatest results for farmers at the largest scale possible.

We believe that the Ivorian government’s recently created Public Private Partnership Platform is an excellent way to allow industry peers to effectively support large scale initiatives, and we’re very proud that our Vision for Change project has built on our 2010 MoU with the Ivorian ministry of Agriculture to bring this PPPP to life.  Already, Vision for Change works closely with CNRA, ANADER and the Conseil du Café et Cacao through the PPPP, and we will encourage other industry partners to do the same.

As we noted in our keynote address at the conference, it’s time to move on from scattered, one-off projects that only accomplish limited benefits for relatively small numbers of farmers.  It’s time to make large, long-term investments in close coordination with origin governments to reach millions of farmers, and we’re very happy to see Mondelez make a positive step in this direction.

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